Arts and Crafts

Tea towelsMy friend Jana is one of the most talented people I know. She can Appliqued tea toweldo anything and frequently dazzles us with her creativity and imagination. Luckily for us, she got an embroidery machine for Christmas. (I think the fact that her first grandbaby is on the way had something to do with it!) For her beginning practice projects she made tea towels for several of us and ourdaughters. “They’re easy,” she said as we were oohing and ahhing. “Really. There’s nothing to it.”  I am unconvinced. Because that’s the same thing my younger daughter — another one of those awesomely talented people — says about the appliqued and quilted tea towels she makes, inspired by projects in “Alabama Stitch Book” by Alabama native and fashion designer Natalie Chanin. I love all things with black-and-white patterns, and my daughter made me this black-and-white tea towel for Christmas. I am in awe of these talented people who do such incredible work — and am grateful I know them. Otherwise, my house would be pretty bare.

6 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts

  1. Kathy, you don’t have to publish this but I was wondering if wordpress has a place for you to add a widget or gadget so I could subscribe? I might be so computer illiterate that I am just missing it!! I would like to add your blog to my google page so I don’t have to go looking for it under my favorites!! Thanks!! Denise

  2. Those are really lovely and look very difficult. However, I’m a completely uncrafty person so it all looks difficult to me. Like you, I am very appreciative of those who can create things like that.

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