Valentine’s Day Gifts

See's Red Satin HeartSee's best Valentine's candyForget eggs Benedict and mimosas — the contents of a See’s Candies Red Satin Heart make the best Valentine’s breakfast. Ever. My favorites are the lemon and raspberry truffles, the luscious and buttercreamy Bordeauxs and the milk molasses chips. Yes, indeedy. I’m telling you that See’s is the most-accessible best candy ever. Your local mall probably has a See’s kiosk set up this weekend — it’s the one with the six-deep crowd gathered around it today. Be a Valentine to yourself and indulge. Just save the Rum Nougat and the Dark Chocolate Butter for me, please. Visit for more.

My son-in-law, a high-school art teacher, is one of the best artists I know. He does pottery, drawings, prints, etchings, Jason Behel artworkJason Behel artworkphotography and just about anything else he decides he wants to explore. He’s a big, bald sort of scary-looking guy who you’d never suspect could create such beautiful and whimsical art work. Such as this Valentine’s Day card he made for his wife/my daughter. He made it from heavy cardstock and treated the outside to resemble a piece of finely worked leatherwork. When you “unlock” it, the card opens to reveal an intricate cutout scene of their little Jason Behel artworkfamily — the two of them and their 10-month-baby who’s also known as Cutest Grandbaby Ever and Capt. Adorable — and a heartfelt message. It made my daughter tear up. And ask him why he’d made her arms so long. A minor detail (and she does sort of have long arms). Anyway, I wish I had a tenth of this talent. Also, I wish that they could move right next door to me and he could spend all his time doing art that would sell for enough money that would make them comfortably happy and they could take care of their families and we could all sit around all day eating See’s candy and being extremely grateful for our good fortune. Also, I wish everybody a happy Valentine’s Day — which seems a little more attainable.

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gifts

  1. I was reading your article and Mr. Pitts’s comments and when I returned, your Sees Candy post popped up! We have a lovely garden & gift shop in Anchorage called Bells Nursery and Bells always has an open box of Sees on the counter for the customers to sample upon check out….. they also have plenty of Sees to purchase…… love Sees candy.

    your son-in-law is a keeper…. lovely card …..

  2. Dittos on Jason’s artwork, I have one of his woodcuts hanging on the wall of my home away from home (I bought it with real money from a gallery before they got married) and we have several other pieces scattered about the house.

  3. Thanks to all for the kind words about our son-in-law. We think he’s pretty wonderful! And as a friend of mine pointed out, she’s the one who told me how wonderful See’s Candies are — I’d never heard of them until she gave us some of what she said was the best chocolate in the world — so I’m paying it forward by sharing with others. Thanks, Susan! I’ll eat a truffle for you!

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