wright-houseMy husband pointed out, rightfully so, that when I talked about the wfm_rosenbaum_house_interiorFrank Lloyd Wright book in yesterday’s post I forgot to mention one of the main reasons my book club read it in the first place: There’s a Wright house in northwest Alabama. In fact, there’s only one Wright-designed house in Alabama, and it’s the only Wright house in the Southeast that’s open to the public. But even with that pedigree, it’s sort of a hidden treasure — a little gem of a place that delights and entrances everybody who comes to visit. The Rosenbaum House in Florence, Alabama, sits on a bluff of the Tennessee River. It was built in 1939 for Frank (who worked in the family movie-theater business and also was a college professor) and his wife, Mildred (a model from New York City) Rosenbaum. Wright never visited the house, but he also designed an addition in 1948 when the family had grown to four sons. I love going through this house. It seems to have gently sprung out of its two-acre site, and inside every single inch of space is functional and efficient. And  the main building-material of cypress wood smells so good! If you’re ever anywhere near Florence, it’s worth a trip. Learn more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosenbaum_House and http://www.wrightinalabama.com/.

15 thoughts on “History

  1. Wow did not know there was a Wright house in Alabama! Looks so modern by today’s standards. Thanks Cathy and John L. Pitts!! 🙂

  2. I know! It’s the only Wright house in Alabama and the only Wright house open to the public in the Southeast. Mrs. Rosenbaum owned it and lived in it until 1999, when the city of Florence bought it and began restoring it. It’s really an incredible piece of history that, like many things in Alabama, doesn’t get much attention.

  3. Very cool! We like to take Sunday drives up to the mountains near Fallingwater. They kind of look similar: the plain outside and the surprisingly welcoming inside.Very unique vibe.And really neat that someone actually was living in the Alabama house so recently.

  4. Sara — Yes, and Mrs. Rosenbaum would give tours even if you just showed up and asked her! Tabitha, with your innate sense of design, you would fall in love this place.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my crazy blog!

    ThatManILove and I LOVE Frank Lloyd Wright! We went to FallingWater in October, right when the leaves were changing, and lucked into a tour (which proves that you don’t always have to plan ahead!).

    It was amazing.

    Now you’ve flung a craving on me to go to Alabama. I am SO there. Soon.

  6. One of our “things to do” when we lived in Wisconsin was to visit the many Wright houses in the area. Some of the ones in Milwaukee are surprisingly modest.

  7. Carolyn — Good for you for taking advantage of your local sights. It’s easy to miss out on those. And to y’all who want to come visit Alabama, come on down! I’ll even tell you where to get the best white-sauce barbecue and sweet tea!

  8. Oh, fabulous! Wright is one of my favorites… I love the spaces he creates.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today, BTW! Yours is terrific…

    Take care ~

    :^) Anna

  9. Cathy, YOu come visit me and I’ll take you to a Frank Lloyd Wright house that is just down the street from me. It’s on a plantation that Nelly Custis (George Washington’s daughter) lived on. Her antelbellum home is on the plantation (named “Woodlawn”) and then the FLW house is also on the property.

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