Baby Shoes

photo-books-026I love little-boy clothes. When my now 20-something daughters were little, it robeezwas girl clothing that got all the attention — smocking and embroidery and ribbons and ruffles — but now I think that boy clothing has caught up, style-wise. And just in time, too, for our grandson to be one of the most fashionable little guys on the nursery circuit. Little-boy clothing departments are full of miniature cargo pants with tons of pockets, cozy hoodies, cute T-shirts and of course Robeez shoes. I’d never heard of Robeez until my daughter was expecting and she showed me these precious soft shoes with colorful and fun designs for babies and toddlers — a far cry from those stiff white lace-up shoes she had to wear. Our grandson (also known as Capt. Adorable) is wearing his dragon Robeez in the photo — they seem to among the few pairs of footwear he doesn’t/can’t kick off immediately. I think the “Busy Car” pair also is a must-have, and we’ve got a couple others on our shopping list. Now that he’s standing on his own and considering this thing called walking, shoes are becoming more important — he usually gets by with bare feet or just socks — and of course when it’s 20 degrees like it is today, shoes are a must. Thank goodness for Robeez — pulling those white leather shoes on and (attempting) to get them tied was exhausting! Check out the Web site,

11 thoughts on “Baby Shoes

  1. Oh I just love how far along baby/toddler clothing has come!!! And Robeez shoes are great!!! We’ve been having a blast with all the current girly clothes, maybe we’ll have a turn at boy stuff next!!


  2. He is a cutie! Oh yes I remember the hard white shoes with the little plastic case to hide the shoestrings and the bells. Makes me giggle how far baby shoes have come along. Enjoy…

  3. Oh my goodness I love Robeez! They are so cute and smart for little crawlers!

    Have you seen puddle jumper shoes? They squeak whenever little ones step down. Oh man, it is hilarious!

  4. Thanks so much for the sweet words about our baby — and so glad there are other Robeez fans around! Appreciate the tip on puddle jumper shoes — so cute! And yup, Grandma (me) did buy these dragon Robeez but only after Liz pointed them out to me. Thanks, sweetie, for cluing Grandma into the new and cute!

  5. Precious. I love Robeez too, and I’m wondering how old is too old to wear them! I’ve also found that the Target brand ones, which cost about 12 dollars, are just as high-quality and cute as the Robeez.

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