Random Thoughts

nolan-jan-2009-045When the bottom shelf rack fell out out of the refrigerator door not once but twice a few days ago, I knew we were heading into our own personal Series of Random Unfortunate Events, because this is what happened next (and I’m not even counting the fact that our upstairs heating-unit stopped working on Christmas Eve Eve and my college-senior daughter got her nose pierced in October): 1) My car needed all new tires; 2) My digital picture frame’s screen went weirdly and sort of scarily red; 3) Our Comcast Internet and local NPR station were gone for days; 4) Our new Christmas-present TV wasn’t working properly, leaving us unimpressed with big-screen high-def; and 5) The refrigerator incidents resulted in two broken bottles of wine and one smashed-to-bits shelf. But 1) we got new tires and figured out how to set up our TV properly, 2) Comcast and NPR came back, 3) I’m working on digital-picture-frame and refrigerator-shelf replacement and 4) none of these problems required calls to or visits from plumbers, electricians, doctors, hospitals, insurance agents, fire fighters or police officers and all loved ones are happy and healthy and accounted for, so what am I complaining about?

11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. And to think I got upset over a dead battery in my vehicle! Can I just say about Carolyn – Oh no she didn’t!

  2. 2 bottles of wine broken. Oh the humanity!

    Why is it that everything breaks all at once? Our dishwasher is acting up, we need new tires for the truck, the filters on the water softener are due to be changed, and my desktop is going wonky. Oi Vay!

  3. Girl, what a great attitude you have – now that’s what I’m talking about! The Gingers have been in a dither during your Nashville adventure. We just kind of mill around aimlessly without your guidance.

  4. Oh, and children, children, children what would we do without them to give us gray hairs and keep our lives from growing stagnant and boring?

  5. Evelyn — When did you have a dead battery? That is so aggravating! Listen, I’ve got jumper cables so you call me next time. (Although I never can remember how to put them on properly so there’s the possibility I could blow your car up — but I’m there for you!) And yes, Carolyn did get a little diamond stud in the side of her nose. You are so right, Susan — plus I have to admit that it’s sort of cute, but don’t tell her I said that!

  6. God Cathy it sounds as if you’ve had a wild ride recently!! Well written post – glad you didn’t have to call in anyone you mentioned.

  7. Okay, looking at this sweet face – oh, my! August hurry up and get here – I thought I wanted a grand daughter, but honestly, Cathy, I’ll take anything!!

  8. Sounds like you & John really needed to get away after all of those agravating incidents!! If Carolyn got 50 piercings on her she would still be gorgeous and a perfect sweetheart!!

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