I just had to pass this find along. necklaceIf you’re looking for some of the most beautiful and creative jewelry ever, go to and check out the offerings from birdznbeez. A cuff2jewelry maker in the Midwest, she puts together lovely  whimsical pieces that will  make you smile. For several years, my two 20-something daughters and I have been collecting jewelry with birds, and when my son-in-law found birdzNbeez on etsy, he knew we would all love it. He was right! We ordered several things for Christmas gifts, and they were even more amazing in person than in photographs. And prices are right, too. You know similar jewelry in upscale boutiques is almost three times as much. But the problem is that now I: 1) Want more of this jewelry; 2) Want more clothes to match the coolness factor of these pieces; and 3) Want more places to go to show off my new clothes and jewelry. Or, I could just send y’all to the Web site and live vicariously through your purchases. I wonder which option my husband would prefer …

10 thoughts on “Jewelry

  1. Despite my bird phobia, I’ve been collecting bird earrings for years. I have this absolutely wonderful pair of cloisonne herons. I’ll have to check her out!

  2. I don’t seem to lead a jewelry wearing life these days, so like you if I bought some I’d need to get the clothes and some to go with. Beautiful stuff though.

  3. Jeanne — A bird phobia? I’ve got to hear more about this! And Eryl, I just have fun imagining I’ve got the sort of life where I need very cool clothes and hip jewelry. But, listen, we’ve got to start somewhere, right?

  4. Ohhh, must check her out!!! And to add another etsy seller to your list, check out Knotty Baby Wear. Nolan MUST have some!!! I’m in love with the baby legs.

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