New Year Countdown

christmas-2008-part-2-0623Welcome to the first Saturday of 2009 and the ninth day in Cathy’s New Year’s Countdown for a tip on dismantling Christmas at your house. Look, even if you are one of those wonderfully organized people who already have (almost) all the holiday things wrapped, packed, labeled and back in the closet where they belong, you probably have a snowperson here and a Christmas candle there, still hanging around. And of course all the rest of us are staring at the tree that needs taking down today — or is that only me? Anyway, I admit I’m only so-so at housekeeping and downright bad at organization and in no way should I go around dispensing advice on these subjects, but I do love that wonderful feeling when everything is clean and uncluttered and efficient. Granted, because I’m inherently lazy and content to live like a slob, I don’t enjoy that feeling very often. But I know how to get it without much effort, so here’s a quick and easy route to post-holiday satisfaction: When you finally take it all down and put it all up, challenge yourself to 1) Throw/give away three things you don’t use but keep in storage anyway (this is where you can guiltlessly get rid of all those ugly Santas your aunt keeps giving you) and 2) Reorganize so you can easily put your hands on the essential part of your family holidays (the stockings, the Christmas CDs, the Advent calendar) that you spent two weeks trying to find in 2008. Do these things, and I promise you December 2009 will be a little less stressful. Not much, but a little. And isn’t that good enough? Check back for day no. 10 in Cathy’s New Year Countdown.

5 thoughts on “New Year Countdown

  1. I generally spend New Year’s Day going through the cupboards and getting rid of bowls without lids and vice versa, but this year I was in the middle of a big painting project (okay, it was a 4′ x 15′ hallway, but at the speed I paint, it was still a 3-day job), so I missed the window, which means I’ll be yelling in frustration every time I put away leftovers throughout 2009.

    Thanks for coming by the other day. I have a question. Your comment sounded like you, too, have had a Memory Lane incident recently. I skimmed through quite a bit of your blog, but didn’t find it. If, in fact, it exists, can you point me to it? (Misery not only loves, but NEEDS company.)


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jeanne. Love the idea of ditching the unmatched bowls and lids — that always drives me crazy but I just shove them back in the cabinet so they all fall out the next time I need one. I like your method much better!

  3. I just put things away in a very lazy manner- one or two things a day depending on whether I am headed in the direction of the holiday storage box area. Had good intentions today but decided to invite some friendss over for lunch & games. More fun than organizing!

  4. Great ideas, ladies! I love putting out less and getting rid of more — and of course lunch and games with friends is much more fun than picking up and putting away. Count me in!

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