New Year Countdown

christmas-2008-part-2-0622Welcome to the sixth day of Cathy’s New Year Countdown —  New Year’s Eve. I’m going to admit to extreme nerdy geekiness and say that some of my favorite things are new calendars and planners. C’mon, admit it: You love them, too. It might be old-fashioned, but there’s something about those pristine blank pages. Blackberries are nice, laptops essential and iPhones are pretty cool, but they don’t hold a pixel to a brand-new calendar. With an unblemished year in front of you, enthusiasm and optimism seem quite warranted. Oh, the things we could do! I could be organized! I could be on time! I could go to fabulous places! I could remember all my friends’ birthdays! Who knows? It could happen. With a new calendar, all things are possible. If you didn’t get one for Christmas, don’t let 2009 sneak up on you without one. Go to your local bookstore or office-supply store or big-box discount store and find what you need. I always get a big wall calendar for the kitchen family-planning headquarters plus one of those 365-a-day-whatever tear-off calendars for my desk (featuring a daily handbag or puzzle or knitting pattern or wild-women quote of the day) and a cute and sleek planner for my purse that looks great for about 3 days and then I spill coffee on it or lotion/perfume/hand sanitizer leaks all over it or I tear out pages to use as hasty notepaper and then find myself skipping from the second week in January to the first week of May. But my intentions always are good. That’s the thing about a new calendar — good intentions are all that’s important. Check back tomorrow for more tips on making the most of 2009 with day no. 7 in Cathy’s New Year Countdown. Since it’s still a party at my house, let’s keep the holiday spirit going and stretch the New Year out to Twelfth Night, or Jan. 6. Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “New Year Countdown

  1. You just reminded me that I got a pocket calendar from my alma mater that needs to go in my purse. They wanted money. Go figure! Not like I didn’t give them enough while there.

  2. Too funny! I have an I Phone (love it!!!) a calendar for my Sunday tennis group (4 courts of players) 2 calendars for keeping the lawyer-husband scheduled, another for scheduling charter fishing trips in Seward Alaska for son Craig’s Alaskan Elite Sportfishing and a separate calendar given to me by my hairdresser filled in by her with all my appointments for the year…. whew!!! Happy New Year!! Right now it is -12 in Anchorage…..brrrr……

  3. I, too, enjoy the blank pages of a good, old-fashioned calendar. In a former life I worked for A Government Agency that frowned on paper calendars. Our program manager made us use the Outlook Calendar for all of our meetings and appointments and it nearly drove me insane! (My current employer finished the job.) Happy New Year!

  4. I do love stationary and all things paper, but have recently switched to an electronic calendar for ease with coordination with my husband’s and the school’s calendar.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  5. I completely agree about brand new calendars. I LOVE getting a good pen and copying things down neatly. An eon ago in corporate america I was forced into a blackberry-ish device and I HATED it! Happy New Year!

  6. Hope you all have wonderful New Years, too. Thanks for sharing your love of all things paper. And, Ann — you’re right about pens, too. I hate Bics! They feel so cheap and flimsy. I want something solid and substantial!

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