Winter Wine

ice-age1How did I know I’ve been drinking the wrong wine? I mean, I knew that New Age is perfect for drinking with a lime wedge over ice cubes and I do like that very much and I keep a couple bottles on hand for that very purpose. But one time recently all my limes looked and felt like walnuts I didn’t have any limes and all my ice cubes smelled like shrimp so I just poured some New Age straight in a can’t-break-it wineglass and drank it and I liked it that way. It seemed like a light and refreshing alternative to all the rich holiday food I’ve been inhaling enjoying. However, later I saw a bottle of New Age in the discount basket at a local wine shop and the store owner explained that most people only drink New Age in the summer so the old vintage goes on sale to make room for the new when it warms up. I mean, she said it nicely when I asked why one of my favorite wines was on sale and I’m sure she’s not the kind of person to judge one’s drinking habits but I did detect a glint of suspicion in her eyes as she answered. So, to recap, I’ve been drinking the wrong wine the wrong way at the wrong time of year.

Anybody ready for another glass?

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