Demos’ in Alabama

It’s almost here! demos-0041Training began this week at the newly finished Demos’ restaurant in Florence, demos-003Alabama. “Today (Monday) is our official first day of training. We won’t open until the end of the month,” said Felicia Demos, chief financial officer for the family business, in an e-mail. Demos’ is a middle Tennessee icon, with restaurants in Murfreesboro, Nashville, Lebanon and Hendersonville famous for offering delicious homestyle food at great value and with excellent service. My husband and I are both from middle Tennessee and we eat at Demos’ whenever we’re nearby. I cannot believe our luck in getting one practically in our own backyard. We must have been living right.  Who knew? Visit to see the menu and learn more. And Florence folks who want a headstart can get gift certificates at the restaurant from around 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, Felicia Demos said, or order from the Web site.

2 thoughts on “Demos’ in Alabama

  1. Yum. I could stand a blackened chicken stuffed baked potato right about now.

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