Christmas Drinks and Christmas Movies


Cheerful mugs of warming goodness — what better way to cheer up eveylns-christmas-009on dreary winter mornings or cozy up at night? Or anytime.  I love pulling out holiday mugs and cups every December. When piled up on a tray in the kitchen, they double as the best kind of decor: cheap and functional! From morning cappuccinos to post-lunch macchiatos to afternoon tea to evening hot cocoa, I’ve got every drink situation covered.  Not that I drink coffee and espresso and tea and hot cocoa all day — well, actually, I do. But of course some holiday drinks are not rich and hot and creamy and served in a sturdy mug — such as these cool ruby-red margaritas my friend Evelyn served us at our Christmas book-club gathering. Delicious and refreshing.

 new-vacationAnd for another delicious and refreshing treat, how about the No. 2 pick on my list of favorite Christmas movies? It’s “Christmas Vacation” (1989) with Chevy Chase. How can you not sympathize with Clark Griswold, the Every Little Man who sincerely wants to provide a stupendous Christmas for his family despite almost insurmountable odds? It’s like an updated “Wonderful Life,” only with redneck cousins. I absolutely love this movie. It’s the first movie I pop into the player when the holiday-movie mood strikes. From the opening Christmas-tree hunt to the final group hug, this movie delights every year. I adore the light-stringing scenes and Clark and Eddie’s shopping trip and literally laugh out loud as the family arrives and settles in. The Christmas dinner is priceless, and is there anybody not touched by Clark’s look at Christmas Past while he’s stuck in the attic? Randy Quaid is at his comic best here, and it’s nice to see a young Juliette Lewis be normal before she convinced herself she’s a rock star. However, the thing about “Christmas Vacation” is that my husband strongly dislikes it – which is very strange because usually he goes for gross-out humor flicks and I head for the Jane Austen aisle. I’ll admit that some parts are cringe-inducing and pander to the National Lampoon typical demographic, but this movie still ranks right up there for me. Stay tuned tomorrow for my top pick, the best No. 1 all-time greatest Christmas movie in the world. What do you think it is?

17 thoughts on “Christmas Drinks and Christmas Movies

  1. By way of clarification, mostly for others reading here, let me say that my disagreement with you about the merits of this film is not as violent as you may have suggested.

    It’s not like I go all Elvis and shoot out the TV when it comes on. I usually flip through the highlights when it’s on. It’s just an acquired taste … and, you, must admit, I have proven (sushi) an ability to acquire new and different tastes.

    There are some great quotes to be lifted out of “Christmas Vacation.” And, having battled a squirrel in my old apartment, I have a greater appreciation for the Christmas tree scene(s).

  2. Yes — I forgot that you actually know what it’s like to chase a squirrel around the house!

  3. Whew, Cathy I am so relieved this is on your list. The “It is goo ooo oood” quote is from the dinner scene, Quaid naturally. Mother and I use quotes from this movie on a regular basis. Does that tell you something about our mentality? “The little lights aren’t blinking” to denote something critical. “I’m going in with him” to show support for each other, “I appreciate that Clark” to express gratitude – you get the picture.

  4. Oh, I get it now! See, you are such an elegant Southern lady that I had no idea you loved this movie, too. Thanks for revealing your secret!

  5. Cathy I have to agree with you on this one. We always laugh til our sides hurt no matter how many times we watch. I think its because we know several people who we swear the character Clark is modeled after. One being my Dad! He actually fell out of a tree he was trying to cut the top out of one year. We the young impressionable children were a short distance away and didn’t see it but we heard him hit with a thud and a grunt!!

  6. See, now we’re talking good Christmas movies! I watch this almost every year, and I am laughing just as hard as the first time I watched it!

  7. I love this movie too… its just not Christmas until I watch it… I have seen it so many times that I can say the lines along with the characters and I start laughing before the funny parts come up…. and there is always someone you know that is exactly like one of the characters!

  8. I have to agree on both counts…festive mugs rock and so does Clark Griswold. My fave is It’s a Wonderful Life but Christmas Vacation is a close second.

    PS…I love your festive snowflakes. 🙂

  9. Thanks, Mary Anne — With Clark Griswold and a festive mug full of Christmas cheer, what else does a girl need???!!! And I love the snowflakes, too. That was a little holiday present from WordPress. I would say that here in Alabama that’s the only snow we’re likely to see, but it’s snowed twice already in the past three weeks, so there you go.

  10. I haven’t seen this one! We’ll request it from Netflix – thanks for the recommendation. Love that it’s snowing on your blog 🙂

  11. Hope you like it, Lecia. You might want to review it first before holding a family movie night — there are a couple parts that you may not consider G-rated. But I don’t like “frat-boy” humor and I love this movie, so there you go.

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