dish-and-florence-leaves-004How cool is it that we have a holiday dedicated to 1) food huntsville-102908-019and 2) gratitude? The first one’s easy, but I’m glad to have a day when I’m reminded about the second since I rarely forget to eat but I almost always forget to be grateful. And this morning, my gratitude cup overfloweth. For one thing, I’m grateful to be a guest at Thanksgiving dinner. Yippee — no worries about thawing turkeys and juggling oven space this year! I get to relax and make another pot of coffee and remember the family and friends and good times that have made this past year so blessed. And you know what? I think I’m even grateful for the year’s tough times and scary times and sad times and the very, very extremely few people who have aggravated the &*%@ out of me because that’s sort of part of the deal, too. What fun would it be if everything were a piece of cake? Hmm … cake … coconut cake … carrot cake … and pumpkin pie and pecan pie and chess pie and … Happy Thanksgiving!

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