huntsville-102908-014My favorite shop in the whole world is Anthropologie. I love huntsville-102908-015this store and I’m not really sure why. I immediately go to my happy place as soon as I walk in the door — in fact, this is my happy place. I mean, the clothes are far too young and funky for my post-menopausal body and I know I look ridiculous in the Cream-of-the-Crop Top paired with the Can-Can Pencil Skirt and coordinated with the Sylvan Scene Cardigan, but shopping hope springs eternal. Somehow, Anthropologie makes you believe. And then there’s the other side of the store: A sort of huntsville-102908-016eclectic and hip yard-sale jumble of linens and glassware and kitchen goodies — all those things you never knew you huntsville-102908-0171needed until Anthropologie gently waves them under your nose and says, “Hey! You are just the right person to take home this Pitch Pine Sugar Bowl” and even though you do not even use sugar ever at all, before you know it you are at the cash register trying to remember if you’ve already signed up for an Anthropolgie card. This happens to me time after time. Is it something in the store’s oil-diffused air? Has Anthropologie perfected an undetectable form of consumer hypnotism? I don’t know. I think I need to go again to figure it out. And again. And again. And … Check out the Web site at

3 thoughts on “Anthropologie

  1. Oh my goodness, Cathy!! I LOVE Anthropologie!!! I agree, I never knew that I needed brightly colored teacup measuring cups, but once I saw them at Anthropologie… I HAD to have them!! (By the way, I still don’t have them because Will was with me at the time and insisted that I didn’t have to have them, but the next time I’m at Bridge Street without him, those teacups may just accidentally come home with me.)

  2. Aw, I could have guessed you’re a fellow Anthropologie fan, Danielle. And I so agree with you — To husband John Pitts: Stop reading right here! — that husbands can put a crimp into shopping. We’ll have to meet Liz and Nolan at Bridge Street and do a girls’ (and boy) day.

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