Tupelo Party

tupelo-party-002When my husband and I went to a party some friends of his tupelo-party-0033hosted in Tupelo, Mississippi, this past weekend, I was blown away by this gorgeous space. It’s the Dance Studio in downtown Tupelo and it is really a dance studio as well as perfect party room. The gleaming wood floors and exposed brick walls were the background for soft fall colors of golds, browns and oranges. There was dancing, wine, good company and good food: Vegetable soup, fried chicken, a mashed potato tupelo-party-006bar — and cake. (Hmm … cake.) Every time we’re somewhere that has a mashed potato bar, my husband and I remember our wedding in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, four years ago. Our caterer recently had returned from a caterers’ gathering in California and was enthusiastic about the latest trend: Mashed potatoes in champagne glasses with a variety of toppings you add yourself. John and I looked at each other and agreed that while it sounded like a fun idea and we would certainly like to go to that party, the folks at our wedding might think it was a little weird. What did we know? Now a mashed-potato bar is everybody’s favorite party food. Check out The Dance Studio at http://www.thedancestudiotupelo.com/. And go vote today! You do not want to miss out.

5 thoughts on “Tupelo Party

  1. Thanks for the tip!

    I’ll be working on a community magazine for Tupelo next year and I’ll definitely try and swing by.

    P.S. While it sounds delicious, I probably would have passed on the potatoes as well.

  2. Matt — You will love being in Tupelo. It’s a wonderful town full of fun and friendly people. And listen, don’t turn away from a mashed-potato bar anymore! You can add your own cheese, butter, sour cream, bacon, etc. — what could be better?

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Ginny. It was great to meet you, too. I love your blog! I’m sending it to my daughter in Huntsville — she will be able to relate. I’m honored to be on your blog roll, and I’m adding you to mine, too.

  4. I mean to add my positive comments to those above about both the party and the venue. Good times.

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