Fall Food

Take advantage of fresh fall produce and cool fall days and whip up some squash soup. Sherry Campbell, the director of the Shoals Commercial Culinary Center in Florence, Alabama, http://www.shoalsec.com/facilities/SCC_index.html, showed us how to do to it in less than an hour at a recent Lunch and Learn cooking class. Even if Sherry weren’t a friend I’d go to her classes — she teaches how to create tasty dishes using seasonal ingredients and time-saving shortcuts and doesn’t mind if you ask stupid questions. (Plus, she’s the fastest acorn-squash peeler I’ve ever seen — it only takes her seconds.) Then when she’s done teaching, we eat the results. In fact, some non-cooks (and I am not naming names here) admit to coming to class only for the eating. And can we blame them? This Acorn Squash Soup with Fresh Sage was so incredibly delicious and easy. We also had Rustic Rosemary Tarts, which was herbed goat and cream cheese spread over thawed puff pastry — so simple and good. Coming up are Lamb Entrees with locally raised lamb, 6-9 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 13, $35; and Lunch and Learn on potatoes and other root vegetables, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 18, $16. Pre-registration is required. Call Sherry at 256.764.0044 or e-mail her at scampbell@shoalsec.com

While you’re in downtown Florence, go to McGraw’s Coffee House for a healthy pumpkin bar. It’s packed with nuts and oats and pumpkin. Don’t want a healthy pumpkin bar? What about a muffin, scone, cookie or slice of melt-in-your-mouth cake? And of course you have to have some freshly roasted coffee to go with. McGraw’s is a friendly hometown gathering spot that attracts a lively mix of University of North Alabama students, downtown workers and coffee fans. Check it out at http://www.mcgraws.shoalsonline.com/

4 thoughts on “Fall Food

  1. I miss walking to downtown Florence for lunch and afternoon snacks. And morning snacks. And pre-lunch snacks. And almost-supper snacks. And…

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