Alabama Renaissance Faire

Come to the Alabama Renaissance Faire in Florence this weekend. You’ll love it! I promise there’s more than bellydancing there, but I can’t help bragging on my older daughter, who performs at the faire with her dance group from Huntsville. The Alabama Ren Faire is meant for families. It’s in the small downtown Wilson Park, renamed Fountain on the Green for the faire, and is very easy to get around. There’s no alcohol allowed, and everyone is friendly and helpful. And it’s free! You can come in costume or not. Everything has a Renaissance flair. Vendors selling jewelry, art work and crafts are in costume and all entertainment is Renaissance-style, with juggling, magic, singing and other music as well as bellydancing. The faire is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Check out and for details and other photos.

5 thoughts on “Alabama Renaissance Faire

  1. For my Tupelo and NE Mississippi friends, I want to strongly encourage you to check out the Faire. It’s great fun and only about a 90-minute drive from Tupelo.

    The Tennessee Ren Faire, held each May, is a bit more of a drive, but also worth the trip. I’m sure Cathy will give a scouting report on that when it rolls around.

  2. *chuckling* I remembered seeing your post as part of Behind The Burlap’s feed and wanted to track down the modified name of the park for a post I’m working on. Thanks for sharing your Faires with us.

  3. It’s our pleasure. Glad I could help spread the word. And, thanks, dear husband, for helping, too. Good point about the Tennessee fair. Both the Alabama and Tennessee faires are great fun but with different demographics. The Alabama faire definitely has a G rating, while the Tennessee faire is PG-13.

  4. Yea, verily, the Tennessee faire – located outside of Nashville – doth serve beer.

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