Orange Rolls and Hay Bales

Yum — what about some orange rolls for Sunday brunch? The best ones, of course, come from All Steak Restaurant in Cullman, Alabama. These delicious creations literally melt in your mouth when they’re warm and gooey in the restaurant– and they’re sensational even a couple hours later when you dig into your to-go dozen on the way home. You go to All Steak for the rolls but you’re rewarded with a full menu of fresh and homemade food served with a smile. All Steak has been a Cullman tradition for years, and with reason: It’s good food at a good price made and served by some of the friendliest folks around. And while you’re in Cullman, wander around downtown for some fun shopping. Younger daughter Carolyn and I recently did that. After lunch (with orange rolls, of course), we paid a visit to Biggest Hay-Bale People Ever Made, who were hanging out on a Cullman sidewalk. You just never know what you’ll find! Check out All Steak at

2 thoughts on “Orange Rolls and Hay Bales

  1. One of the more amusing memories of riding/driving in the old Windstar van with the girls when they were (a little) younger was stopping in Cullman for orange rolls and how, through a process I don’t quite understand, a dozen of them could disappear in the drive from Cullman back to the Shoals.

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