Demos’ in the Shoals

It’s really going to happen! The new Demos’ (pronounced “dee-mus”) Restaurant going up in Florence, Ala., should open in mid-December, co-founder and owner Jim Demos said this week. This family-owned restaurant began in Murfreesboro, Tenn., almost 20 years ago and quickly became a Middle Tennessee favorite for its emphasis on fresh homemade food and exceptional customer service. It was the go-to place for my husband and his mom, who lived in Murfreesboro, and I knew I was an accepted member of the family when they invited me to come along. The Demoses are expanding and chose Florence for their first out-of-state location. Amazing! My husband and I cannot believe our luck in having one of our favorite restaurants open up practically in our backyard. Go to the Web site to learn more. Now, I’m craving a Blackened Chicken Stuffed Potato.

5 thoughts on “Demos’ in the Shoals

  1. Oooh I can’t wait Cathy. I’ve heard you talk about the one in Murphreesboro and it sounds great! Maybe a cooking club should check them out for reviews when they open.

  2. You aren’t craving a stuffed potato any more than I am, after reading this update, I assure you.

    We may need a road trip to the ‘Boro before December …

  3. Cheryl, you all will love Demos’. It’s not fancy — just good food at a good value made and brought to you by people who care. Can’t beat that! And, my dear sweet husband, I am up for a Demos road trip any time!

  4. So much yummy stuff – I could eat it all up the delicious way that you describe it and if I keep reading, who knows, I may even learn to coordinate an outfit or two! Love your blog!

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