Pear Honey

My daughter’s mother-in-law, Sharlie Behel, of Tuscumbia, Ala., is one of the best cooks I know — she can feed a dozen people without batting an eyelash and frequently does. In the summer, her garden overflows with fresh vegetables that she generously passes along to friends and family … and luckily she considers me both! And then she cans the extras, like these green beans and her “pear honey,” which is a delicious combination of pears and sugar that literally tastes as if she’s dipped pear slices into honey. It’s perfect on toast, biscuits or pancakes, and I could eat the contents of a whole jar with a spoon and bypass the whole bread thing. Not that I’ve ever done that, of course. I can’t even keep a jar of it at the house, because as soon as somebody tastes it, they’re begging to take some home. And I share, because that’s what Sharlie does with me. But I share so much that it gets gone quick. So maybe Sharlie will read this and “share” some more pear honey with me, if she has any extra left!

2 thoughts on “Pear Honey

  1. Sweet pic! Thanks for selflessly giving up your jar of pear honey to me 🙂 I happen to be enjoying it in my oatmeal this morning. Love you!

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