Mother-Daughter Style

Both of my daughters are great shoppers. I’ve taught them well! My younger daughter, Carolyn, goes to school in Birmingham, Ala., and she loves shopping in consignment and charity stores there. Mainly she looks for T-shirts she recycles into other projects, but she also finds great retro/vintage buys perfect for a 20-something college student. She got the three tops on the left from a Goodwill store in Birmingham. The red wrap dress was about $9 — she’s going to wear it over T-shirts and jeans. The polka-dot white top was about $3 — again, wonderful with jeans. The pink cotton embroidered tunic is Free People and was about $5. These tops only needed good washings and they were good to go. She found the embellished yellow slip for $7.50 at Golden Temple Natural Grocery in Five Points South in Birmingham. Somebody had added lace and little satin roses to this slip — maybe to wear as a dress? Anyway, it’s adorable and the perfect length to wear under a couple dresses she’s got.

Carolyn had come home for a quick visit this weekend and showed me her shopping treasures. But before she went back to Birmingham, we had to negotiate a deal. She liked a new dress I had bought and wore to church on Sunday (see post below). I have to admit it looked a lot better on her than on me. So, in exchange for the dress, she gave me the pink Free People top, which she said didn’t really fit her but it was a $5 Free People top so she had to get it! Of course, it’s exactly the hippie-boho style we all wore 30 years ago, so naturally I love it. Thanks, Carolyn!

4 thoughts on “Mother-Daughter Style

  1. Cathy!! Liz posted the link to your blog on her livejournal, and I am SO GLAD! As I told her, your column was the only reason I’d ever pick up the TimesDaily — aside from the comics — and I’m just tickled pink that I can read your ramblings anytime I want again! 🙂

  2. Aw, thanks so much, Danielle. I so appreciate the kind words. You know I keep up with you and your precious darling baby through Liz and through your mom at Rotary — can’t wait until we all get together at future family reunions!!!

  3. Woohoo! Check out that model! You really need to start incorporating more of YOU into this blog…just a suggestion ;-). Love you!

    -The Younger Daughter

  4. Thank you so much, Younger Daughter, for the encouragement — and for the clothes! You can shop for me anytime. Love you, too. Now go study!

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