Shoe Envy

At, Sergio Rossi two-toned pumps, $650.

At, Sergio Rossi two-toned pumps, $650.

I must be entering a shoe crisis. Apparently my favorite pair of brown sandals became jealous of all the attention the demise of my favorite black pair of sandals received and decided to commit shoe-icide by unraveling the string of wooden beads decorating the T-straps. I had to make a hasty save with a quick Gorilla Glue repair. (And, by the way, am I the only person who has to continually buy new bottles of Gorilla Glue because after I open a bottle and use it and close the bottle, I can’t reopen it the next time because it’s glued completely shut? Surely other people have this problem. Surely?)

But, really, I think my incumbent shoes are worried because I am absolutely smitten, over-the-moon in love with the new fall shoes showing up around town. If I had unlimited funds and very cool places to go, these are the shoes I’d buy (left). And I bet I’d never have to Gorilla Glue them.

2 thoughts on “Shoe Envy

  1. Aw, thanks, Susan! It’s just so very sad when your shoes try to unravel themselves. But I want to find a spare $700 laying around somewhere and buy these shoes — don’t you think they’d be perfect for book club????

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