Franklin Frolics

Philanthropy, where your money does good.

Philanthropy, where your money does good.

I want to live in downtown Franklin, Tenn. And have lots of money. Well, a girl’s gotta dream, right? But even without lots of money, it’s still fun to go to Franklin. So many cute stores! Visit to learn more about this historic, renovated, shopper-friendly downtown. Some of my favorite stores include Philanthropy,, a clothing and gift boutique full of creative pieces from around the world, like these candles that look and smell unlike any others. You’ll also find jewelry, handbags, notepads, T-shirts, swingy skirts, throw pillows, party goods and other treasures there. Part of your purchase price goes to causes the store supports, so you can feel even better about shopping there.

Homemade soap at Bathos.

Homemade soap at Bathos.

At the bright and airy Bathos,, you buy soaps, scrubs, lotions, oils and other goodies in a shop set up like an old-fashioned grocery store.

Grocery store or soap shop?

Grocery store or soap shop?

In fact, this reminded me so much of a tiny grocery near my gandparents’ house in Effingham, Ill., when I was little that I felt as if I’d time-traveled there. Other downtown Franklin spots I love to linger in are Rare Prints Gallery,, where you can wander around and admire and learn from the knowledgable staffers who are happy to talk about their museum-quality offerings and Franklin Tea, , a calm and serene sanctuary of international tea. Also try Bijou, a home and gift shop with cheerful fabrics and nature motifs. And this was only one block on one side of the street! Everyone is helpful and friendly — a great day or weekend trip for anyone who needs a break.

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