Rant of the Day

Okay, here’s the thing: Why can’t I say I’m troubled about my party’s presumptive presidential nominee without being accused of racism? Look, I just am not comfortable with the guy. I don’t think Barack Obama has enough experience to lead our country, I wish he had waited four more years (didn’t he get the memo that it was Hilary Clinton’s turn?) and my reporter’s spider-sense tingles when someone is as smooth and suave as his is (see John Edwards, for instance). Now, I may be wrong, and I’m going to educate myself and do more research and may possibly change my mind. But I really get aggravated when not voting for Obama becomes a racist act. Can’t I simply not like him without race and color coming into the discussion? My being a white person doesn’t mean that I’m racist if I don’t vote for a black person. Really, it doesn’t. I feel as if I’m being pressured into voting for Obama to prove my tolerant liberal leanings. And I think that Obama himself has used this scare tactic — which further makes me question him. As always, though, I’m willing to be convinced otherwise.

Ranting over. Thanks for listening.

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