Olympic Ads, or Where’s the nearest McDonald’s?

Does anybody else have this problem?

I’m watching the Olympics and not feeling hungry at all and then all of a sudden, the Southern-Style Chicken Sandwich/Biscuit ads from McDonald’s come on and all I can think about is driving to McDonald’s and getting one, which is very strange because I:  A) Don’t like McDonald’s, B) Don’t like fried/breaded chicken and C) Don’t like fried/breaded chicken sandwiches/biscuits. Yet, unaccountably, after watching the ads with the athletes digging into their yummy sandwiches/biscuits and enjoying every bite, I gotta have one. Paging Dr. Pavlov.

The need-it-now theory doesn’t work for me, however, when it comes to ads for Hummers, Boniva (you all know how I feel about Sally Field) and/or Obama and/or McCain.

2 thoughts on “Olympic Ads, or Where’s the nearest McDonald’s?

  1. as far as OLYMPIC advertising… I weep uncontrollably as i pay for the chicken with my visacard and Morgan Freeman’s voice reverberating in the background. Maybe its southern thing.

  2. Right there with you, bro. Whenever I hear/see that commercial, I immediately want to go use my Visa card to save the world — or buy more shoes. It’s a tough choice.

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