Eat Peaches!

Run, don’t walk, to Jack-O-Lantern Market, on the TVA reservation in Muscle Shoals, on Thursday (4-7 p.m.and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays) to buy some of the most delicious peaches ever. No telling how long these peaches will be available, so do not delay.

Charity Belle Peaches from Jack-O-Lantern Farms

Charity Belle Peaches from Jack-O-Lantern Farms

Steve and Connie Carpenter grow hydroponic vegetables in the former TVA greenhouses there and sell their veggies along with incredibly fresh produce from other local growers. Saturday, I bought some Charity Belle white peaches there — the best peaches I’ve ever eaten. They are big, juicy and sweet with a delicate peachy flavor that will remind you of summer evenings on front porches sipping tall glasses of sweet tea with fresh mint you just picked from the back yard. The Carpents also had Indian and O’Henry peaches on Saturday morning. Not sure what they’ll have this week, but go find out. And while you’re there, pick up some cheese from the most upscale inventory in the Shoals. You’ll find creamy and tangy goat cheese, fresh mozzarella and my new favorite, nutty Flagship from Beecher’s in Seattle. Check the Web site,, for the complete list of what’s in stock every week. Why do we need a Fresh Market when we’ve got the Carpenters here???? (Well, OK, I still want a Fresh Market — or at least a Publix — but nothing can beat buying local food from local folks.) And here’s complete disclosure: The Carpenters are great friends of mine and even gave me a free orange Jack-O-Lantern Farms T-shirt, but that in no way influences my unbiased recommendations. I cannot be bought, although a free sample taste of cheese every once in awhile doesn’t hurt!

I spent most of last week babysitting grandson Nolan and helping daughter Liz in Huntsville while she recovered from a nasty case of mastitis — made her feel as if she had the flu. The sacrifices grandmothers make!

"I can almost reach it ... almost got it ... can't wait to eat a giant fuzzy carrot ..."

"I can almost reach it ... almost got it ... can't wait to eat a giant fuzzy carrot ..."

At 4 1/2 months, Nolan’s rolling over, reaching for what he wants (glasses, hair, etc.) and putting everything in his mouth (glasses, hair, etc.). As always, I remain amazed at what caring and skilled parents Liz and Jason are. I so wish I’d had a fraction of their confidence when I was a new mom.

3 thoughts on “Eat Peaches!

  1. I bought a basket of their peaches on Saturday, also. They are so good! I ate one that day, and then made a peach cobbler with the rest of them yesterday. As Rachel Ray says, Yum-O!

  2. Yes — nobody should miss Spring Park Market. Sherry, you do such a great job of getting that organized every week. It’s one of the best things to do in the Shoals during the summer.
    And Evelyn, I thought I could smell fresh peach cobbler coming from your side of the neighborhood! Did you serve it with homemade vanilla ice cream? That’s a Yum-O, too!

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