Critter Prints

1a23304506735bec9e059a16cae12179If your long weekend includes shopping, you already know there are tons of good sales out there — perfect for picking up those early spring items you fell in love with but didn’t want to pay full price for because you knew eventually they’d be on the discount rack. And you were correct! Critter prints — those whimsical colorful fabrics with elephants, honeybees, giraffes or whatever your favorite animal is — are everywhere this spring. And let’s go ahead and include fruit, vegetables and modes of transportation under the “critter prints” label. Don’t we all love critter prints? f372c9a311d3cb29ca5cbe38d7c56e6aThey are so cute and so fun and you see them and you think, “I totally could rock that with a pair of white capris” but then maybe you bring your blouse o’ giraffes home and you’re not really sure when giraffes are appropriate — Casual day at office? Book club? Visiting the zoo? It’s complicated. However, when you can pick them up for next-to-nothing, the fun factor increases exponentially as your risk factor decreases. A $45 pineapple top that languishes in your closet is just sad. A $14.99 pineapple top has possibilities. Go for it.

Remember — “Southern” isn’t a place. It’s an adjective.”

South by South StyleSouth by South Style focuses on Southern style in fashion, food, entertaining and decor. All opinions expressed are my own because, sadly, nobody else will admit to them. I’m not paid or compensated or sponsored or affiliated by anyone for anything — although my husband wishes I were.

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