When Bad Things Happen to Good Sweaters

This looks like a cute and perfectly basically simple purple sweater, doesn’t it? It’s from Cynthia Rowley, known for her free-spirited ladylike style, and Younger Daughter grabbed it with delight as we were picking through a TJ Maxx clearance rack. The front of this sweater looks as if it’s saying, “Put me on with a pair of jeans and killer boots and let’s have a great Sunday afternoon just kickin’ around.” It’s casually cool, which pretty much describes Younger Daughter. She was grinning as she placed her find in our cart. But then she picked the sweater back up, looking puzzled. Because she’d gotten a good look at the back, which looks as if it’s saying, “I used to be a super hero entitled to full-cape privileges but then got demoted to merely super assistant. Plus, my back is cold.”

Always optimistic, however, Younger Daughter tried the schizophrenic sweater on and and it fit perfectly. Always willing to ruin new clothes by trying to rework them attempt alterations on my own, I offered to take it home and attack it with scissors fix it. Some careful trimming made it more wearable. But now when I watch Ms. Rowley on “24 Hour Catwalk,” I’m just sort of thinking, “Really, Cynthia? You don’t like that designer’s pink feathered-and-satin top with the velvet bows? Because I’ve seen what you do like, and honestly, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge.” And speaking of “24 Hour Catwalk,” can we somehow A) buy hairbrushes for Ms. Rowley and Alexa Chung — and demonstrate how to use them and B) ask Ms. Chung to please maybe wear clothes that fit and have some relevance to what normal 21st-century women actually wear — or, if not, to stop talking about designers creating clothes that fit and have some relevance to what normal 21st-century women actually wear. Two-facedness Schizophrenia apparently is rampant.

8 thoughts on “When Bad Things Happen to Good Sweaters

  1. I have the same reaction with Michael Kors sometimes on Project Runway when he says a designers work is to “matronly”…

  2. Some of the outfits on the runway shows looks like the designer has been out in the woods somewhere digging up mushrooms. I always think about the ‘I Love Lucy’ show when they were in France and Ricky and Fred made Lucy and Ethel an outfit out of flower pots and a horse feed bucket. Then one of the designers stole their idea.

  3. I saw a girl at Starbucks wearing this sweater and stopped to ask her where she got it. It was adorable …the “wings” tie to make a psuedo bow in the back. I was doing a search on line to see it i could find one for myself and found your article instead.

  4. Oh my cookies, Anita! I am so stupid!!! I see now that you’re supposed to pull the wings thru that loop & end up with a bow. Cynthia, I take it all back.

  5. Don’t feel too bad, it probably wound up on the clearance rack becuase no one else could figure it out.

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